TIACA’s 2017 Executive Summit & AGM Turnberry Isle Resort & Golf Club, Miami. October 18th through the 20th.

Aleksey Matyushev

CEO / Co-Founder, Natilus

Aleksey graduated with an aerospace engineering degree with a specialization in aerodynamics. At 22 yrs of age, Aleksey became the youngest engineering lead at one of the oldest aircraft companies in the world, the 89 yr old Piper Aircraft. Aleksey has since led multiple engineering teams in programs involving Lockheed’s infamous Skunk Works, classified drone programs, and over 8 general aviation aircraft. After feeling the frustration with the aerospace industry, Aleksey created an industrial design firm which was an overnight Kickstarter success and went on to launch many products featured on Amazon, Macworld and other outlets. Natilus was a brain child of his which was born out of the frustration of the firm’s clientele who wanted products delivered faster than sea freight but at a lower cost than current air freight can provide. Since then, Natilus has been supported by some of the most high-profile Silicon Valley investors and has gone to recruit an incredible diversity of aerospace, Wall Street and air freight talent with the sole goal of reducing the cost of air freight through the use of large scale drones. Natilus is on track to deploy a 30 ft wingspan drone which would carry 700 lbs from LA to Hawaii at less than 50% the cost of current air freight.